To Live is to Learn

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” - Albert Einstein


From the time we are small babies we have an undeniable need to learn things. I see this so much now that I am doing my best to raise a toddler. He is observing everything so closely!


For example, thanksgiving was a few weeks ago(I feel like I’m still recuperating from all the pie- how am I suppose to Christmas?!) We took a trip to WI to spend some time with my husbands’ grandma and the rest of family.

While we were there Elias (my son) got some bonding time with his older cousin Eleanor. Eleanor is only a month older than Elias but she is WAY more mobile. She runs circles around Eli. She also knows how to throw a tantrum while standing up.( You know the one, quick step stomping and balled up little fists, paired with glass shattering screeching.)  I witnessed this a few times and promptly let someone else deal with it. 


The following week, still recovering from the pie, Elias and I drug ourselves to the shop to get things accomplished like responsible people do. Elias wanted to have yet another banana (the kid would only eat bananas if I let him!) I said no. - You guessed it - Throwing fit while standing -


So, here’s my point- if we see something enough, we learn it, or we will at least TRY. 


Start learning something new. Start living.


Stay Creative, 

Allison with Prairie Whims