Today's the DAY!

“There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.” 


We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it, how many of us have actually thrown out the “Someday” attitude? 


I write this to you sitting in my living room listening the sound of the refrigerator (our house is just that small)  I anxiously await the enviable - my one year old son waking up from his nap. We all know this feeling, 


    “Don’t breathe. Don’t move. Just pray that this sweet baby sleeps!”  

This is then followed by a wail and thrashing limbs. Okay, scratch off all 197 things on the every growing todo list. You have a kid who needs momma!


For me, this is why I kick most everything into the “I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe next week, perhaps someday..” closet where it stays FOREVER (I’ve got an nonmetaphorical closet much like that too…)  


SO here is my point- We all have screaming baby(metaphorical or not) We all have reasons to validate WHY we can wait for someday. But there is no someday, if you want to go real deep, there's not a guaranteed tomorrow. This is why I encourage you to get out there and make today the day!  


Here’s just a few examples from my own list:


    - Pray deeper

    - Paint something

    - Send someone a letter

    - Read a book

    - Color a picture 

    (out of that coloring book you’ve had since last Christmas)

    - Try out a Pinterest recipe

    - Do a project with your kids

    - Give an old friend a call

    - Start a blog 



        Stay creative, 

            - Allison Fisk with

                 Prairie Whims