They're OFF!

“If everything seems under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” - Mario Andretti


I don’t disclose this very often, but when I was in high school I ran track and cross country. Before each race there’s a feeling of built up anxiety as you stretch out the nerves and wait in your block. The beginning of this year feels like the start of a race. Firing off like a bullet with nothing left behind but smoke floating in the air. Leaving me eating everyone’s dust- “Thats my girl, bringing up the rear”  my mom would tell me after each race.…I was definitely NOT an athlete. It was mainly because I was too scared to push myself to the point where I didn't feel like I was in control. 

So, here we are in the race against time. January is half over. I haven’t even broken my new years resolution yet, because I haven’t even come up with one! That’s how behind I feel. But its okay, I don't have to let the anxiety take over. Things will all be accomplished in their own time. 

So, here's  my point-Things are bound to get a little out of control, but that’s a good thing! It means changes are coming. Embrace it.  We often forget we don't have to be in control. We can do our best and leave it with God. 





As always- 


Stay Creative! 


-Allison with Prairie Whims