The Art of Sharing

“Happiness that can not be shared, can hardly be called happiness” - unknown

At the moment I’m sitting crosslegged in my shop office( it’s more or less a kingdom for my son, plus a desk for me) My little two year old is dancing around, trotting in circles around me, occasionally stopping to lean on me or take a sip of my tea. Now, is my time to sit and do my “puter work” as he calls it. 

“Puter work” is my least favorite part about being an entrepreneur. My favorite part of having my own little business is the creative process. Making a huge mess, and then piecing everything together to create something to share with everyone. I just love sharing what brings me joy, in hopes that it will bring others joy.- Sharing that processes, as well as the end result involves much “puter work.” Having to do so much “puter work” was never something I would have foreseen in my early life.

Making a business of sharing coffee and tea- among other treats- was not even on my radar when I started Prairie Whims. But, here I am writing on here to tell you we are officially opening up the kitchen to sell baked goods and beverages. It just feels natural to add this to the shop. Baking, blending tea, making lattes and coffee; is all a creative process. It is one I can more freely share with people. Most people enjoy my artwork, but they may not want to hang it on their wall. Whereas, almost always people would like to at least try a piece of pie. My hope is to make a profitable business by sharing my creativity with others- the baked goods is just another way I can share!

As Always,

Stay Creative!

-Allison with Prairie Whims