To Those Who Wait

"All good things come to those who wait." -Proverb of unknown origin

It is March 6th, my family and I are finally out a blizzard. Meanwhile my cousins in Kentucky are posting pictures of daffodils. Now, ordinarily I would get very disgusted with this, but today I am glad to be enjoying the snowy tundra. It seems like I have been running around like the roadrunner - you know the bird that is always running from one disaster to the next. For now nature has said, 


“Hey you, take a break!” 


Thats what winter is about- it’s natures way of telling us that everything must have its time of rest. I yearn for spring to come, I really do. But, us South Dakotans, we have to be patient. 


So, here’s my point: It’s okay for things to take time. Now, that may seem contradictory to my last post- But hear me out- Things in life tend to move so fast we feel out of control. On the other end of the spectrum, there is always something that doesn’t seem to moving fast enough. Truth is when something comes along just take it as it comes. 


As always, 


Stay creative. 


-Allison with Prairie Whims