Applied Life Lessons

The last time I was rambling on here I told you a bit about an epiphany I’d had. “This is what I got. Be joyful in it!” I recently decided to take that outlook to my living room. 

When we moved to our little trailer home my husband and I were newly weds. We’re just grateful to have place to live! I wasn’t to concerned about furniture or wall color or 1995 fake wood cabinets. But as we spent more time there I did my best to use what we had to spruce it off- but we just living on love. It was not in the budget to paint walls or buy new curtains. I then got the opportunity to start our shop downtown- at this point we were expecting our son Elias there was just no time to paint walls.

 Long story short we still don’t have nice walls but we do have a minimal budget so this spring I set out to make our 1990s house work for us, regardless of its dated interior. Cause its just “what I got” until there’s an opportunity to paint!


This was the before picture. Elias was such a good helper. 


Tah-Dah!  We decopdged the back of the book shelve to add a little color to the room. As well as the painted frames.


So there it is folks. Use what yah got!