What I Got, Folks!

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness.” - William E. Gladstone


Picture this: 1995 Dodge Ram Pick up truck. Chipping paint- blue, gray, and rust. Engine roaring, the truck swings to the far right side the bank drive through lane- this is because the window no longer rolls down and the driver must need to step out of the vehicle to make any transaction. The heavy door squawks as it’s opened. Out steps a young lady in pair of worn leather Mary Janes, maxi dress and a dark teal cloche. - This was me. 

The truck had to get me and my son from A to B for a few weeks before my Hubby could get all the necessary work done on the Honda. The first week I had to driving it were the worst. I absolutely dreaded having to lug Eli in his carseat into the backseat. The radio didn’t work, the windshield whippers barely worked, and the windows both stuck. I especially detested trips to the bank. I would have to open the door(which screeches like a banshee) and then proceed to do all my business with the door wide open. All of this just made me disgusted- until one day: 


I pulled into the lane and a thought came to me- “ This is what I got- be joyful in it!” 


So here’s my point: Work with what you have. Be grateful for what you have. Forget what you "don’t have". There is no joy in being ashamed or angry. Everything in life has been provided by the Lord(even something like an old pick up) 

This philosophy is one I often need to be reminded of.