If The Shoe Fits...

“If the shoe fits, wear it!” -unknown origin 


It seems like in my daily life I am always trying to find balance. By that I mean wobbling abound on a tight rope wearing shoes 3 sizes too big balancing a ball on my nose. That may not be the true picture of what I do, but it is too often how I feel. 


BUT I do know what it is to feel centered, perched on what seems to be the edge of a mountain I’ll be climbing. That feeling is what I search for when I start to loose my balance. I pray to leave the work with the Lord that I can be used as a tool. Although I forget too often that obtain balance is that easy. 


So when I someway or another got voted into the local Farmers Market board when I hosted the annual meeting at my shop. The prerequisites for the position were basically just to be present. So here I am, not really having a clue what I’m doing, standing at an open door. 


I think that this door may lead to making my dream of blending tea and roasting coffee possible. Not having enough funds to put in a commercial kitchen necessary to have a typical coffee shop- I now see an outlet to get the funds. I can roast coffee at home(like I do already) and sell it by the cup, or by the bag at the market. Save the profits. Finish the kitchen. 


So my point is, follow your balance.  I am not certain of what will come out of this, but I am reminded once again that there is a plan from above. 

Thats all for now-


As always, 


Stay creative! 


-Allison with Prairie Whims