Free to Dream

The ability to dream is the ability to obtain freedom. -original quote


What feels like a long long time ago I was a little girl who loved to draw. Nearly everywhere I went I was drawing, on the bus, in the middle of math class, durning band rehearsals, in the middle of the cow pasture — you get the picture — no pun intended. 


I loved drawing, creating stories and ideas. I had a love for making something out of nothing — to this day that love is continuing to grow and change as I seek new ways to be creative. When I make time to create I am most joyful. 


However there was a time in my life when I nearly gave up on creativity. In all of the places that this could have happened, I felt like I lost my ability to dream and create while I was in Art school. I was only doing projects for assignments, I was working all the time, I rarely had the chance to see my family, I was stacking up student loan debt, I had been through a some emotional traumas I hadn’t taken time to deal with — you get the picture — 


So, I made the choice to leave school. I would work, pay my debt and get my balance back. For a number of reasons it took me nearly 2 years to really start dreaming again. I would try a little bit here and there, maybe sell some things on Etsy- do a project here and there. It wasn’t until I was expecting my son Elias, that my husband encouraged me to pray for the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do with art. 


Piece by piece, I started dreaming again. I started painting again. One day I walked into a shop downtown with my dreams and prayers — that shop is now Prairie Whims: Arts and Crafts Collective. And even now I still feel like I’m not quite to the point that I  have imagined. 


But, here’s my point to this very long— highly condensed — story. It might take some time but you have to work and pray for your ability to dream. It is then that you can have freedom to create again. 


As always,


Stay creative! 


Allison with Prairie Whims