Diaries of an Amateur Pig Wrangler

Some of you may know this already, but my hubby is working in North Dakota for a few weeks. You may also know, my husband and I raise chickens, turkeys, and pigs (and a cute little boy.) Usually I just ride on his shirttails (not actually doing much of the farm work, but enjoying meals of pastured meats) No longer can I skip the dirty work- the manual labor has now been graciously passed to me. 


Raising baby chicks is not foreign to me, I’m a bit of an “old hand” at that. Pigs are a different story. To be honest I’m actually scared of pigs. - The’ve got wicked teeth. My dad telling me horror stories about pigs eating bodies of passed out caregivers, was not a help. 

But alas, I am now an amateur pig wrangler. 


Day One: Okay, moving the pigs to new pasture. I got this. Loren showed me how. He’s already set up the corner posts and ran a strand of electric wire. 

  • Feed for luring the pigs to the next pasture. Check. 
  • Volt gauge— for checking to see if the wire is working or not. Check. 
  • Pray for strength to overcome fear of pigs. Check.


Everything went very smoothly, until I came back on Day 3 to check their water levels. All 25 of them were running wild out side of their pin! Thankfully - if I counted correctly - all of them survived. I had completely left one section of the fence wide open. 


Since then I’ve made a few more mistakes, but I'm learning to check the fence twice before I leave the pasture! 


So heres my point- Everybody has to get out of their comfort zone. This might mean we make mistakes, but we can always learn from them! 


Now if you’ve read all of this, please enjoy the pictures of the cute little piggies! 


And always,


Stay Creative! 


-Allison with Prairie Whims