Sabbatical [Suh-bat-i-Kuhl]


Definition: Bringing a period of rest. 


When I say, “I’m taking a Sabbatical” the image of me taking long leisurely walks on a beach somewhere may come to mind. That image is VERY different than what I actually mean when I say, “I’m taking a sabbatical.” 


First off. 


My faith is very important to me, which is why I will be heading to a church convention this afternoon. I will have four days there. Since I was a kid, every year since before I could remember, my family and I have taken time to do this. This one the best opportunities I get every year to really reset. - this is the real sabbatical. Unfortunately, it’s only 4 days long…




My son will be TWO whole years old on September 15th….TWO! I have been so insanely busy we have not even scratched the surface of the whole potty training madness. (any helpful information you can share with me on this??!)


Third in line. 


If you remember I’ve been doing the marketing for the local farmers market. With that added responsibility, it has been the main source of the busyness of this Summer. As the season comes to a close I have quite a few things to button up, before the last market (October 6th) As I will be handing off that position for the next season.


The Main Take Away... 


I need to change my business model in order to make this dream of mine really work . Which starts here. Me writing - laying it all out:


I’ve got this dream of making my shop a hub of old junk, art and food. The best combinations, in my opinion. - To be honest its not just my shop I envision its the city of Huron....But thats a long way off if ever. 


In order to do that I have to be consistent. I have took crank out dreams and ideas and artwork and share them with you. 


Somewhere in all that I want to turn those dreams into reality. Right now, I if I continue the way I’m going- that won’t happen. If I take the time to plan, construct, and build a better way of doing business, then Prairie Whims can grow.

So here's how this applies to you,  take a rest and ask yourself "What is my dream?" Make a plan, share it, build it, and make it happen. 

Feeling inspired? Shoot me a message. Lets collaborate! 

As always,


Stay creative! 


-Allison with Prairie Whims