Really Real?

In the past year we’ve gotten a little more creative in the kitchen at Prairie Whims. We’ve been testing blueberry muffin recipes so much, all our family members may have gained 5 pounds each. More on that another day…I’ve got a another subject I want to address. 

It’s a New Year! This means 361 (since it’s the 4th already..) new opportunities! Annnnd 50 million different diets that people are trying. This makes me a little nervous, because people on diets stay away from bakeries like Superman does his best to stay away from Kryptonite.

But here’s what I also know: 

Our baked goods are COMPLETELY different than any baked goods on the shelf of any other commercial bakery in town.

Todays food industry is based around two things: 1. Does it ship well? 2. Does it have a shelf life? 

High quality fresh baked goods, typically, do neither of those things. For most baked goods at the grocery store (even the “fresh” baked goods) require all kinds of preservatives and flavorings. 

Most preservatives and flavoring ingredients are derived from natural sources. What that means is the beginning ingredient was natural - such as wheat or soy- then that ingredient was spliced and diced in a laboratory to create an entirely different product. The main goal of the whole process is to imitate what the REAL and fresh product is suppose to taste like- and make it cheaper to make than the real thing.

Ultimately, the complexity of most of the preservatives and flavorings are too much for our digestive systems to handle over long periods of time- especially as a body ages. 

With all that being said, let me share this with you: Our ingredients are simple. Every ingredient we use, you can pronounce. We use sugar in moderation. We rely on the naturally present sugars to provide sweetness. Everything tastes fresh, because it is fresh. 

Fresh is Best! And as always,

Stay Creative!

-Allison with Prairie Whims