Languages of Love

Valentine’s Day always makes me think of my mom. 

On Valentine’s Day through out my childhood my mom would always get me and my brother something special. Little stuffed animals that sang, little chocolates wrapped in foil, and she would give us hugs and kisses. At some point, we got a little to old for that, but that was how my mom gave love. She loves to give gifts- it’s her love language. 

A few years ago, I went and got married! It was then, for a wedding gift some family friends gave us a book that had been helpful in strengthening their marriage. The Book is called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book has been helpful for all of my relationships, not just my marriage. It’s helped me better understand my mother, my friends, coworkers, my husband, and even my little 2 year old! 

I’ll break it down for you. The Five Love Languages exist as this: 

  • receiving gifts

  • quality time

  • words of affirmation

  • acts of service 

  • physical touch

Understanding how each person is dominantly or two of these, changes your perspective on how they might want to be treated or shown that they are appreciated. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, the best gift you can give is to think about how the people in your life show love. Then take that observation and show them the that you appreciate them! 

And as always, 

Stay Creative! 

-Allison with Prairie Whims