Big Kid Pants

This winter has proved to be one for the books! My little two-and-almost-a-half-year-old is potty trained! (well, pretty much) He has learned pretty quickly. Although it seems like every time I take a moment to sit down and write this, there is a potty emergency! 

Everything comes to screeching halt and I take off like a bolt of lightning, scoop up my toddler and zoom to the potty. 

But here I am- not to tell you about our bakery adventure or the best recipe for blueberry muffins or beer bread (which are both awesome things you can try at our shop) I am here to deliver you this message of a mother in the midst of potty training a toddler:

You can do anything- you were once successfully potty trained. Now you feel the call and you go! 

That analogy is a bit crude but hear me out- when we are children we are born with an insatiable need to learn and grow. I believe this never changes. We may stop growing physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually there is always progress to be made. 

If you want to learn something new, gain a new skill, grow or change to become a better person - you might make a few messes along the way- but you will get there. Someday whatever it is to you that seems most challenging will become second nature. 

So, pull up your big kid pants and get out there. 

And as always, 

Stay Creative! 

-Allison with Prairie Whims