Goodbye Downtown

I feel like a hundred people have asked, “what is happing to Prairie Whims?” More often than not, I tell them the condensed version. Since you’re here, I know that you want to know what I think. So here it is:

We’re closing our shop in downtown Huron. We really have no other choice. Our sales have taken a nose dive in the last year. We have only been “making it” for three years. Making it, meaning paying the bills. I could put the on blame so many things; Overhead, the location, the town, lack of capital, poor planning, no online sales, poor marketing or whatever thing I could feel disgusted about. 

But here is the big picture; The Lord, very clearly, directed me to open this shop and He continues to direct me to close this shop. Although, it has been unbelievably hard for me to understand, I know that it’s right. The shop has fulfilled its purpose and I can be joyful in that. 

There are also some other factors that have made it clear I could not to hold onto the shop any longer:

1. My Husband and I just bought a house- In town!(That still needs ALOT of work.)

2. Baby #2 is coming to our world in January! 

3. My right hand lady(my wonderful momma) is running a new 3rd enterprise with my dad. (As well as moving to a new home) 

4. My Husband is now managing/doing the cooking at a local cafe, that we may end up owning. 

I plan to continue Prairie Whims by putting a studio in my little attached garage. There I will have the opportunity to focus on just a few things. Rather than trying to do everything to “make it” every month, I can get my coloring book finished! Also, I will still be offering art parties, and CreativiTeas- I’ll just be renting a space in town for the evening or the morning. 

With all that being said, I will continue to write on here when I can, and keep you updated! I thank you for supporting me and continuing to believe in the Prairie Whims.

And as always, 

Stay Creative!

-Allison Fisk